Gearing up for Trails, Rails and Tales – Labor Day Weekend

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Well – the summer is almost (… almost, but not quite) coming to an end but we are still plugging along! This summer has been great – we’ve had the Alamo Saloon opened up more and visitors have enjoyed cooling off with a sarsaparilla, root beer or adult beverage after watching the gun-fighting re-enactments and riding the train.

What you may have missed is all of the preparation the Historic Abilene, Inc board has been doing to the grounds so that the Chisholm Trail 150th anniversary event, Trails, Rails & Tales, can take place on our grounds the weekend of September 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

New water lines and electrical lines have been added to the grounds so that vendors have better electrical capacity and water lines. Now – we know that it won’t be near enough for all of the vendors but we hope it will help. What everyone forgets is that we are a Non-Profit 501 (c) 3 entity – our bills and improvements are paid for by membership and donations to Historic Abilene, Inc.

In that spirit – don’t forget about supporting Old Abilene Town (Historic Abilene, Inc) through a donation or membership. If you want to jump in and volunteer or become a board member – let us know! Our email is We have no paid staff and everyone that helps out is doing so for free, so any donations are welcome so we can make our ideas and dreams for our Main Street a reality.

Membership information can be found here. Information about the Trails, Rails and Tales event here.

Thank you to all of our current members and to those that have donated their time and money. The Historic Abilene, Inc board encourages you to come on down and visit the grounds and to let us know if you have any additional thoughts or ideas!