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Mission Statement

Purpose: Historic Abilene, Inc is a non-profit corporation organized pursuant to the laws of the State of Kansas. The purpose of the Corporation shall be to create and operate historic Old Abilene Town, KS, and thereby to research, display and promote the western heritage of the Chisholm Trail’s end in Abilene, Kansas. Further purpose is to receive, hold, use, invest, operate, manage, and distribute funds and property, real and personal, and income from individuals, estates, fiduciaries, trusts and other entities for the benefit of or in furtherance of the purposes stated herein as set forth in the statement of purpose contained in the Corporation’s Articles of Incorporation. This Corporation shall be required to expend those funds received, solicited and maintained by the Corporation for and on behalf of Historic Abilene, Inc. as directed by majority vote of the Board of Directors of this Corporation.

Board of Directors

  • Greg Wilson – President
  • Sarah Wilson – Secretary, Treasurer
  • Heidi Anderson
  • Kenny Allen
  • Wes Duey
  • Linda Ellison
  • Andrew Kijowski
  • Hanna Nagely
  • Terry Tietjens